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Label rendering obscuring other graphics layer higher up

Question asked by arunsebastian on Jun 24, 2019
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I do have a feature layer with some labeling info ,as part of a webmap, rendered in my app as below pasted.From the image  it is can be clearly noticed that a  push-pin marker has been obscured  by the label. In spite of the graphic layer (with a point graphic created on demand having  picture symbol marker which is an svg ) being at a higher index in the collection ,the rendering remains not seemingly right to my understanding.Tried a few things like  re-ordering the layers,delayed adding of the graphic layer many times,but this behavior seems to be adamant.I am using the latest and greatest 4.11 js api. What am I doing wrong here ? Is there anyway to get the pin to come to the front and stay over the label ?


map with label and a marker graphic underneath it