Adjacent Tile Rendering Issue in ArcGIS Java Library

Discussion created by blakeedwards823 on Jun 18, 2019
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I am a member of a company that is a large client to ArcGIS. I am currently experiencing what seems to be a bug. When zooming into a rendered map to a high degree, the center tile in view remains rendered. However, when panning away from the currently rendered tile, the adjacent tiles do not render. Additionally, the sole rendered tile disappears once panning off of it, leaving the entire map grey. Our map needs to zoom in to a high degree (even if the map does not have tiles to render) and be able to pan while allowing adjacent tiles to render. After making a hard coded "safe zoom" level for our application that allows adjacent tiles to render while panning, our clients have came back and reported this to be unacceptable. Is there any way to fix this bug? Finally, I have looked at other examples of implementation of ArcGIS and see similar problems where developers have made finicky, hacky fixes. Helping us solve this problem would likely be of benefit to many other developers as well!

Attached are some photos for reference of what I am speaking of:

Thanks in advance for any help.