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Need Stable Links to Open-Data Item-Details Pages

Question asked by ivangis on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by PHammons-esristaff

We have a main open-data group that we use to serve most (hundreds) of our open-data items to our open-data portal. To help the user get to certain popular data more efficiently, we:

  1. Moved items of certain popular categories from our site's main open-data group to separate topic-oriented open-data groups--to keep them out of search-bar search results.
  2. Made topic-oriented Hub pages; hardwired open-data links by making URLs using this pattern: <host>/datasets/<Item ID as obtained from URL of item-details page> . For example: "".  (Note: We noticed that the ending number is the item's ID + _ + REST Layer-ID)


This worked for a while. Then, the links stopped working (404 errors); we got the links working again by switching /datasets/ to /items/ in the URL pattern.


That worked for a while. Then it stopped working (back to 404 errors). We then added the popular-category items to the site's main open-data group (co-locating them in the topic-category group and the main group). This partially solved the problem; although the topic-oriented Hub-page links work (by the way, /items/ is dynamically switched to /datasets/), because the popular-category items are also in the main open-data group, they show up in search-bar results.


We don't want popular-category items to show up in search-bar results (a giant pile of items); we want the topic-oriented Hub page to be the gateway from the search bar (or from elsewhere) to streamlined topic-focused browsing (search bar --> Hub Page --> hardwired item-links).


The bottom line question--how do we get a stable URL for an open-data item to hardwire it to a Hub page w/o including it in our site's main open-data group?