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Not all values returning when Symbolizing using Arcade Expression

Question asked by nkoski_mnpower on Jun 11, 2019
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I have a map on ArcGIS Online of customer calls and I want to symbolize them into three categories:

  • Affected, No Call
  • Called, No Information
  • Called, Left Comments


I am using this arcade expression:


var comments = $feature.CALL_COMMENTS

return When(IsEmpty(comments), 'Affected, No Call',
                     comments == 'None','Called, No Information',
                     'Called, Left Comments');

But for some reason, if the value for 'Called, Left Comments' is never appearing on the map, instead those customers are grouped into "Other." Even though in the symbology panel "Other" has a count of Zero.



I have also tried:

var comments = $feature.CALL_COMMENTS

If (IsEmpty(comments)){
   return 'Affected, No Call';
Else If (comments == 'None'){
   return 'Called, No Information';
Else {
   return 'Called, Left Comments';

Which results in the same.


And if I switch it around and do:

var comments = $feature.CALL_COMMENTS

return When(IsEmpty(comments), 'Affected, No Call',
                     comments != 'None', 'Called, Left Comments'',

                     'Called, No Information'

Then the default value returns if $feature.CALL_COMMENTS is None, but nothing is returned if $feature.CALL_COMMENTS is not equal null or 'None'


Does anyone know why this might be happening?