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Is there a way to manage queries for different group in the inbox filter

Question asked by floRaimbaultHQ on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2019 by floRaimbaultHQ

Presently I have to survey for the same purpose:

I have a first survey for the Field worker in a "group A". in this survey the member of the group can only see their own survey because in the inbox filter I use the following  query "where": " username =${username}" .

I have a second survey  with another team  "group B" using the same data. in this  second survey the member of the group can see all the survey from group A and GroupB ,  there is no  query in the inbox filter


currently I need to  have 2 differents survey123 , One for group A, an a second for the group B. the only difference are the group and the Query in the  inbox filter.

Is there a way using either  the group  or the survey123 collaborate parameter or the  AGOL layer parameter to configure only one survey for the group A and B?