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WebForm: Error 1500 Incorrect Geometry

Question asked by Ahjung.Kim@vdot.virginia.gov_VDOT on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by Ahjung.Kim@vdot.virginia.gov_VDOT

I am building a widget that opens Survey123 pre-populated with results from queries.  This has been working fine with Survey123 Desktop field app.  Today, I read that the webform got some updates, so I switched my widget to open the webform instead.  Pre-population works fine but submission errors out with two "operation rolled back" and one "incorrect geometry" message. I am attaching the error message screenshot. 


I am trying to add to existing features service (point), so I am not sure why it shows what I am passing is incorrect geometry.  If I change the same URL just to open the desktop app, it submits without error.  What can be possibly causing the error in the webform?