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Survey123. Operation rolled back. Incorrect geometry type.

Question asked by anthony.jones_RSK_EPD on Jun 19, 2019
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I'm seeing the error above in one of my S123 forms when trying to submit a record in the web version of the survey. I'm able to submit a record without issue though in the app version (tested on android). The form was published using v3.3.51 of S123 Connect.


My form uses the url parameters to point to an existing feature service. This feature service is made up of 5 layers; a point, line and polygon layer for use in Collector and then 2 related layers (both points) on top of which I have 2 S123 forms pointing to. The first form is working without issue but the second keeps coming back with the error.


I've been using the custom url scheme to launch these two surveys  from Collector and pass data between the two including the GlobalID the relationship is based on so that all the data is collected in one feature service. I've also configured a url from my first survey to launch the second survey, again passing the global ID and other data between them. 


After some testing I've found that the web version of my form will work fine if it is not pointing to my feature service but for some reason it doesn't appear to like the geometry of my layer despite it being a point. Is anyone able to assist with this please? I'm keen to use the web version of my form in operations dashboard following the recent blog post about editing surveys from there.