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Problems inserting an image into a Layout

Question asked by brendon.joyce on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by tbole-esristaff

Hi all,


I have been trying to move over to Pro more often, but there have been quite a few issues holding me back. This question pertains to my issues with inserting images (PNG/JPG) onto an ArcPro map layout.


For some water main design work, I wanted to show a rudimentary profile on the layout for a better visual. I am able to have this work as normal if I import the layout file from the project on the network drive to ArcPro 2.3.3 on my local machine as shown in "ArcPro working images".


I am unable to insert these same images if I am using my virtual desktop workstation that has ArcPro 2.3.2 along with my enterprise GIS data. I have tried moving the images to different locations (local/server based), re-exporting them as different file types, nothing seems to work. There are also not many options once you get an image onto the layout to troubleshoot, it is just invisible but selectable as shown on "Arc Pro non working images"


This image issue, along with my inability to export PDFs on my virtual setup (something I do dozens of times with each of my water main designs in ArcMap as I work, ) is really holding me back from using ArcPro. These are both things that work when I import the layout file and test it on my local version of Pro (*note* 2.3.3 AND no enterprise GIS layers)


Any ideas or personal experiences would be appreciated, thanks.