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LDAP/IWA issues

Question asked by amcsparran_GC on May 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by amcsparran_GC
Hello All!
I'm looking for some help with my Windows Authentication to ArcGIS Enterprise Portal (we are using 10.6.1 at this time).
We are currently configured for IWA, but have to put our network's domain in the username portion to get the account to authenticate with Active Directory (example: networkdomain/amcsparran or amcsparran@networkdomain). Does anyone know a way that if a user from my company just types the username ("amcsparran" in this case) it will automatically default to the Active Directory domain? The goal is for users to just have to put in username and password without the domain.
Also, we've tried the LDAP route which would make this possible, but have had issues with getting it up and any help in that arena would be helpful also, but my understanding is we may need a Java Web Adaptor for that to work, and right now we are running with an IIS web adaptor.
Any ideas would be fantastic!