Schema for parameter from nested model

Discussion created by mwoolley on Mar 3, 2011
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ArcGIS Server 9.31.

Two models, one nested inside the other, the main model published as a geoprocessing service.

A parameter for a point to be provided by the user defined in the nested model with a layer/schema. That same parameter is exposed as a parameter in the main model and passed in to the nested model.

The geoprocessing service worked fine when used from a Web ADF application created using the wizard within ArcGIS Server Manager. The REST view of the task showed the schema information that was defined in the nested model. A REST submitJob would not work until the layer/schema was also attached to the parameter in the main model. The REST view of the task did not change at all after the additional setting of the Feature Set layer in the outer model.

Has anybody come across documentation or best practices for nesting models?