Who uses the ArcPro model builder reporting function?

Discussion created by Hornbydd Champion on May 24, 2019
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OK I've got a "bee in my bonnet"... So current release of ArcPro does not support the ability to export an image of your model, ArcMap does. I've posted an idea here hope you think it is worth voting on?


Anyway I live a major part of my GIS life in/out of ModelBuilder and I'm spending more time in the ArcPro version. It has a few gremlins in it that need working out but generally it's OK.


Because I can't export an image I explored the report button to see if this was a viable alternative.


Now I might be showing my ignorance towards other domains of specialism but I've got to ask who uses this reporting capability and under what scenario?


I've got a model with 54 steps and all this reporting tool does is list the inputs/outputs/tools. I can't think of any reason why I would need to view a model like that? The export button seems to churn out this information in XML format. Who and what would you use that for?


I personally see no value in this reporting tool, OK it gives a detailed description of the tools and their settings but if you don't know how they relate to each other what use is it? Am I missing something?


Genuinely curious as to who would use this functionality?