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Spatial query without any result?

Question asked by _robert_ on May 22, 2019
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I created a table (CTAS) in Oracle and joined data from multiple tables and a feature class. The new table includes spatial geometry and I registered the table in the geodatabase (using the ArcMap 10.5 toolbox).

I can add the new feature class to ArcMap and perform a spatial query there.

I published the feature class to ArcGIS server but I can only perform attributive queries. As soon as I perform a spatial query I will never get any result. As the features are taken from another table/layer I query both - my new table and the table where the feature come from. Same query - different result or better: no result.


Any idea why this happens?

Table has spatial index. I dont get any error message. I just get zero results.....


Many thanks, Rob