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Question asked by TimoSchwedka on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 27, 2019 by TimoSchwedka

Hello Community,


I try to automate the production of a map series (600 map sheets) by using DDP. Most of the elements are working fine and will be updated while clicking through the map sheets. I have just one problem:


Every map sheet includes a table of points, whitch are marked on the map. That Points are coming from a long list with all Points for all the 600 sheets. Only the Points for the current map sheet should be shown in the table. Therefore an easy query to select the needed points from the big list is possible. But the list is not updating while clickung through all the sheets. At the moment I have to update the list for each map sheet manually. Is it possible to include the query somewhere in the DDP? My aim is, that a person just need to make some settings to get and export all the map sheets by just some clicks.


I hope someone can give me an advice.


Best regards