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How to download Arcgis for personal use?

Question asked by Blackmarxz on May 12, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by tdolan-esristaff



I have purchased Arc GIS for Personal use but cant see a way to download it in MY ESRI


A web search indicates I should go into MY ESRI -> My organisations & download it.... Or request permission from my organisation admin


Since I am solo, - i.e. not part of a business Im not sure whats next...    


Do I have to wait for ESRI to "process" my order (it was done on a weekend), before I can see it in MY ESRI?...  Original purchase email indicated that I will receive further emails . May payment to esri has gone through...


The ID I am using was a ARCGIS online account that I set up a while  ago... not sure if this has had a affect...