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Populate values in select_multiple from previous repeat

Question asked by DamianMilne on May 10, 2019
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Hi, please refer to my attachment. I have two repeats. In the first repeat there is a select_one field, where the user has a list of 7 choices (refer choices tab). In the second repeat there is a select_multiple field where the user has the same 7 choices. This select_multiple field is utilised in the 'relevant' column to dictate what fields will appear on my form. 


I would like the values that appear in my select_multiple field (in my second repeat) to be limited to the values that were entered in the select_one field (in my first repeat). Or alternatively, limit the fields that appear in my second repeat based on the the values that are entered in the select_one field in my first repeat.


Any suggestions, alternatives, workarounds would be greatly appreciated.


Regards, Damian