Printing custom report with geopoint question within a repeat possible?

09-11-2018 08:32 AM
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Hello, I am having difficulty printing reports using the custom Report(Beta) that contain a geopoint question within a repeat.  The numerous geopoint images appear just fine in the default report view that appears in the right pane within the website, however, when I attempt to make a custom report I receive the following error: "print map failed for Geopoint Question:{"error":{"code":500,"message":"Error performing execute operation","details":[]}}." 


To test, I downloaded the default template and used that to print to Word without any errors.  I made edits to the template by removing some of the unnecessary questions/responses and then the error occurred.  Now even the default template is producing the same error even though I did not make any changes to the template or edit the data. I cleared my browser cache, tried different browsers, and still the default template is not working. 

To further test, I went through the same steps using the “Calculate location from geopoint” example form found in Survey123 Connect and modified that form only by moving the geopoint question to be within a repeat a still unable to print using the custom Report(Beta).   

Survey123 Connect being used is v 3.0.127 and the Survey123 field app is 3.0.149

Can you please provide me any insight into whether or not printing to Word with geopoint question contained within a repeat is possible?

Thank you


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Hi Kevin,

Are you still having an issue printing your reports? Printing geopoint questions inside repeats in the template is supported. Given you reported this issue over a month ago, since then many improvements have been made to the feature reporting on the Survey123 website and continue to be improved with each release.

Could you please try again and let us know if you are still experiencing the issue?


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Hey Kevin,

We're you ever able to find a solution displaying the geopoint in a custom template with word?



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