"Add Layer from File" options breakdown

Discussion created by user_PCT on May 9, 2019
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Has anyone broke down the pro's and con's of the different options for adding a layer form file?

With the perspective of a free/public account, the options include:

Zipped Shapefile, .csv or .txt, GPX, GeoJson.


- Zipped Shapefile

 this seems to be my default choice but kind of assumes you have a way to create a shapefile and adds extra steps for processing updates.  It would be  nice option for ArcPRO to export shapefiles directly to zipped folder.


- .csv or .txt

Seems like a great option for creating data from scratch using the provided story-map templates, also good if you're not using desktop software (PRO or other) 



Seems like the obvious choice if you have data from a GPS, not sure why you would use this otherwise.  not even sure you can convert non-gps sourced data to GPX?


- GeoJson

This seems similar .csv/.txt but am unfamiliar so mostly would like a comparison between these two options.


I am looking for which option is the best/easiest for updating data either using online, desktop ESRI, or non ESRI file format.

I am also looking for which option is the best for sharing the data with others, or having the ability to export the data/file from online.


Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but i could not find any other discussions.




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