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Failed to Save when updating Viewers

Question asked by clsmith@flagstaffaz.gov_flagstaff on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by clsmith@flagstaffaz.gov_flagstaff


I created a Survey123 and shared it with a Group within my Organization. I was able to set the group as a Submitter, but I cannot also set the group to Viewers as well. I want the group members to be able to view other entries. When I select the group and hit save, I get a red box saying "Failed to Save. missing arguments: formItemId, featureServiceItemId, folderId, or title." On another Survey123, I was able to add another group as both Submitters and Viewers. I've compared the 2 and cannot find the inconsistency. How can I find the missing formItemId, featureServiceItemId, folderId, or title? Thank you