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06-08-2020 02:37 PM
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Is there anyway to gather data from a user of Survey123 without them clicking the submit button?  I am creating a survey that asks demographic questions and presents links to websites from the answers given. If a user goes to link, they may never come back to the survey to click submit.  Just checking if there is anyway around this. Thanks 

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Hi Julie Barrett‌,

If you use the Survey123 web app, I think this could be done technically somehow by using .

For example,

  • For every question in your survey, set up a onQuestionValueChanged event.
  • In this event, you will manually send data to the behind feature layer.
    • Also, you are responsible to check if there is already a feature in the feature layer for this survey session, if no, created a new feature, if yes, just edit the existing feature for this survey session.
  • Disable the default submission action (to the feature service) by using isDisabledSubmitToFeatureService in the JavaScript API to prevent duplicated records.

I also logged necessary support for this workflow in our backlog, for example, hide the submit button.

In the meantime, it's no harm for you to submit an enhancement request to Esri Support Service to prioritize this workflow.



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