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Editing the Utility Network in 3D - new objects not showing in the scene

Question asked by damienpyne on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by damienpyne

I have been testing the electric asset package in 3D and found my new objects added in the 2d model not displaying.


Is there anything I am missing in getting these to show in the 3d scene?


All objects except are at 0m in Z except the attachment and one end of the line as shown below on the right which are at 10m.  I also added a new attachment with the same XY as the 10m attachment feature, but this is at 20m.  The new line running north-south (and selected) added at 0m.


Additionally, when I created the new line feature I snapped it to the attachments (those both at the same XY), yet neither were snapped to by the line and placed at 0m.  Anyone with ideas on why?