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Why are Generated File Names Different in Survey than File System?

Question asked by on Apr 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

When file names (image,audio etc) are generated from images they display as the FieldName- + UUID + .ext

When the files are written to the "My Survey Attachments" folder they are written as FieldName-YYYYMMDD-Rand(6).ext


Name During Live Survey: BoreLeakagePhoto-c3fff6884a6949149d77fdcdbf837a5c.jpg

Name After Written to File: BoreLeakagePhoto-20190416-050430.jpg


The fact that a UUID is displayed at File Capture Time, but is replaced by a Date and a random number at storage time (My Survey Attachments folder) makes it impossible to create a workaround for this file management issue.


Why is the UUID displayed if it is never written?

Is there a way to replace the 6 Digit Random Number?


A basic workaround normally would be to add a custom prefix from an active survey field such as an IDENTIFIER CODE. 

Currently the only way to identify one photo from another is the 6 digit random number before the file type extension. As a result the Survey Attachments folder fills with any number of non-differing names other than the random 6 digit suffix known as "?"     FieldName + YYYYMMDD + ? + .ext


or my active semi workaround which is stored in the table until the image needs to be renamed.


${WORK_NO} +'_BoreLeakagePhoto' + '_' + format-date(${SurveyStartTime},'%Y%m%d') + '_' + format-date(${SurveyStartTime},'%h%M%S') + '.jpg'


Optimally names would be auto-generated from form data and custom calculations saving hours and days of downtime renaming and auditing files.  


Is this fundamental issue of basic file management on the roadmap?