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Understanding ArcGIS Enterprise Data Store and Editing Hosted Feature Layers

Question asked by pmckinneyccpa on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by JFarmer-esristaff

My organization is looking at setting up the base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise later this year.  We've been running the ArcGIS Server (ArcSOC.exe services) for a while now.


We are interested in using Enterprise to enable our municipal users to assist with editing datasets related to addressing (as they are the authorities on this subject).  After completing some initial reading, it looks like we could set hosted feature layer view definition to control access of the layer to each municipality.


Ideally, they would be editing data (probably from a version) coming out of our SDE SQL database.  However, I'm aware that there is some relationship between Hosted Services and the Data Store (which happens to be a seperate Postgres database).


I'm trying to understand if we can actually accomplish what we want to.  Or if the data edits from our users would be inside the Data Store database?