ArcEnterprise 10.7 hosted feature layer vs sd file size differences

04-11-2019 08:52 AM
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Hello - something I have begun to notice in my ArcEnterprise Portal is a growing difference in the file sizes between the service definition file and the hosted feature layer that is published from it. 

After extracting our Enterprise SDE layers to  a project file gdb, I then use the sharing module in ArcGIS Pro to Create, Stage, and Upload service definition files weekly and sometimes daily via python in order to keep my hosted feature layers current.

This process updates the existing service definition in portal's and the relational data store's content directories, and then I believe the sharing module overwrites the feature layer.  I think the overwrite actually deletes and re-creates the hosted feature layer.

I am now noticing that for some layers, the difference in the sizes can be significant.  For example, I have a Parcel Service Definition file at 73Mb - but the feature layer size is now 92Mb. I have a line layer containing subtypes that jumped from 6Mb (service def file) to 1.8Gb (hosted feature layer). 

More - I also have the reverse happening: service def file containing hydrant points 782Kb - hosted feature layer 0Kb

What could possibly account for file size difference that large? Even 20mb is significant.  I have re-indexed the portal content several times.

I would expect some differences in sizes, if the layer is supporting Views, or the number of tags, or metadata differences, or maybe if the layers are saved with complex symbologies or Arcade expressions - i.e. anything that one would expect might account for size differences.  

I am beginning to suspect that the attribute domains are being built up on the hosted feature layers.  Still, that seems excessive.  if anyone else is noticing this please reply back if you get a chance.



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Something less obvious caught my attention.  Could some of the size differences be a result of the web cache on the hosted feature services?

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