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URL link to Attachment Photo when the FeatureLayer is not Shared with Everyone

Question asked by John.Evans on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by John.Evans

Hi All,


This is the workflow I am looking to accomplish:

  1. Responder fills out a Survey123 Form. Responder takes a picture of the current situation and uploads on submission
  2. A calculated field would copy the URL of the attachment (Basically like this)
  3. The Survey123 FeatureLayer is ingested into our custom COP (Common Operating Picture) for situational awareness/analysis. We're not consuming Survey123's data on Arcgis Online/Portal map
  4. User can click the pop-up window in our COP and open the hyperlink


Issue: FeatureLayer Permissions. We don't care about everyone having view access to the layer. We do care about everyone having edit rights. If we restrict the Feature Layer Permissions in Portal to a specific Group, the URL hyperlink, generates with ?token=zzz. We want the FeatureLayer image urls to not require a token, which the only way I can see to fix that is sharing it with everyone, which implicitly gives everyone edit rights.


Is there a way to configure a FeatureLayer to be globally viewable, but editable only to those who are members of a group in portal?


Is there a way to configure Survey123 to upload/host images somewhere else?