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Error 99999 when changing a field's domain to another

Question asked by anthony.ryan_ergon on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by anthony.ryan_ergon

Hi all,

I'm looking at cleaning up the domain lists in the Utility Network asset package before starting to add new coded domains that apply to our organisation.

I have copied & pasted some of the existing domains (eg. ElectricTransmission_6_AssociationStatus) and called it 'Electric_AssociationStatus' to cleanup the misleading names, ease for future reference (eg. no transmission domain network in the model), etc.

When in the Feature Class 'Fields' editing view, I select the new domain from the list


After making the change, click the 'Save' button and the error occurs.


Other domains assigned to fields I have been able to change without an issue (eg. nominalvoltage)


Has anybody else had this issue?