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ArcGIS Pro Ignores Changes to CSV data

Question asked by JAUNTinc on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by jflickinger@nps.gov_nps

I added a csv datasource to my project, but after adding it I found two problems. The first is that a column filled with numeric data had a "Grand Total" entry in the bottom row, so ArcGIS Pro intrepreted the column as text instead. The same column also had a non-descriptive heading label. I removed the datasource from ArcGIS Pro, open the csv file in Excel, remove the grand total row, and change the column heading to something more descriptive, then save the file. I go back into ArcGIS Pro and re-add the datasource. To my frustration, ArcGIS Pro is still calling the column by its old label and still interpreting it as text. Why is this application so frustrating??? How can I get it to read the file without deleting everything and starting over with a new project?