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Updating Coded Domain Values Broke Collector App

Question asked by JHabel09 on Apr 17, 2019
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I've run into a problem after updating 2 coded domain values in agol.  I did my edits through the hosted feature layer.  The edits were simple at least i thought.  Simply fixing 2 spelling errors.  However once I saved my changes and went to look in collector the layer affected no longer works.  The layer has a red triangle warning tag in the collector layer list and it no longer shows up in the feature templates when you try to collect a new point.  I've refreshed the collector map several times but it still does not work.  The layer seems to work fine in the agol webmap so i'm a bit confused.  Have i done something wrong?  Should i have edited the domain values a different way?  And is there an easy way to fix this without having to rebuild everything.  I've backed up the data.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!