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Why does SnapToSpatialReference move points beyond tolerance?

Question asked by stephengrhea on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by stephengrhea

I’m creating a semicircle around a point, but when I add the arc to a polyline and call SnapToSpatialReference, the center point moves almost a quarter of a meter. It’s a high-resolution spatial reference (resolution = 0.0001m, tolerance = 0.001m), and all code objects have the spatial reference set throughout the process. Calling Snap on the circular arc doesn't change the points, but calling it on the polyline does. Any advice to what's going on?


Side note: I first noticed this when saving the feature. Setting the Shape property on the IFeatureBuffer changed the center point the same way that calling Snap does.


See attached for coordinate comparison and sample VB.NET code.