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How do you remove a single redo operation from the undo/redo stack in the ArcGIS Pro SDK? (FindRedoOperations,RemoveRedoOperation)

Question asked by JPHILLI2_TXDOT on Apr 12, 2019

Hello, I am new to the .NET SDK for ArcGIS Pro and haven't found any documentation on this particular subject.


I have a workflow that requires me to remove a single Redo operation from the undo/redo stack.  I have found the FindRedoOperations() and RemoveRedoOperation() in the SDK Documentation however I can't seem to figure out how to use them.  Can someone please provide an example of how to use these two functions?


//Create Edit operation
var splitFeatures = new EditOperation() { };


//perform a split and execute

splitFeatures.Split(lyr, oid, geometry);



//Here I do some analysis on the split segment then I undo the split

<--Some extraneous code here-->


//Undo the split


//I would like to remove the option for the user to redo the undo on the split that I've implemented here.