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"Extensions Disabled" for pulldata() javascript function for all users except survey author

Question asked by on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by roemhildtg

I will preface by saying similar questions have been asked already but I have followed the guidance in those posts without any success: Why does the 'Extensions Disabled' message display for only some users? and What would cause users to see "Extensions Disabled" when using a JavaScript function?


I am using the pulldata() function to query a survey's geopoint within intersecting polygons to populate a text field. This function works great for me, the survey author. But testing on a handful of other devices leads to "Extensions Disabled" in the json output text field. 


  • All users are logged into the same organization where the survey was published when submitting a survey
  • All users are using Survey123 mobile app version 3.3.64
  • The feature service used for spatial querying is hosted by the same organization where the survey was published and is shared publicly
  • "Extensions Disabled" is consistent among iPhones and Android devices. The only device it works for is on my iPhone and I am the survey author. 


I have attached my survey if it helps to inspect. I'm totally stumped and would greatly appreciate any troubleshooting. 


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