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Survey allowed to be submitted when required questions are not answered

Question asked by FSwaciak on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by dougbrowning

I have been working on a survey and have been having a problem, when completed in the Survey123 app only, where it can be submitted without answering questions that have been marked to be required. 


If the survey is complete with Survey123 Connect, the expected error messages pop up when attempting to submit so this issue is only apparent when completing a survey within the mobile and desktop app.  


I tried looking at all of the questions having these issues and the most common relationship that these specific questions have with each other. They all have formulas written in the "Relevant" column that were made to hide questions when specific selections have been made. 


I deleted one of these Relevant fields and it did work by giving an error message when attempting to submit without this specific question answered. However, these relevant fields are needed for the survey so I still need them to be present. 


Is anyone aware of this issue and is it a known bug? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated to find a workaround to this problem. 


Thanks in Advanced. 


EDIT: When using an older version of the  Survey123 mobile app (3.0.149), the expected validation messages did appear requiring entry for the relevant required fields. Therefore, we think this is a bug with the latest release of the Survey123 mobile app.  


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