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da.InsertCursor and Parsing Large Text file

Question asked by IMakeNiceMaps on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by IMakeNiceMaps

I have a very large text file (~5 GB, ~30 million lines) that I need to parse and then output some of the data to a new point feature class. I cannot figure out how to proceed with the da.InsertCursor.


I've created the feature class so the fields are in the required order. There is an if statement that parses out the required lines of the file. The units in the text file are Feet, however I need rounded Metres in the output and the output field for that information must be Long. The round command returns float but my final value in the Tree_Height output must be long - can the float value be mapped into the long field? Converting from Feet to Metres is simple multiplication, but I believe my field types might be messed up then?


The index positions of the Lat and Long fields in the source file are 5 and 6.

The index position of the Description field in the source file is 1.

The index position of the Tree_Height (in Feet) in the source file is 9.

The index position of the Code in the source file is 2 - this is the link between the user-inputted codes and the codes in the if statement.  The if statement works, but after that....


Can someone help me set up the da.InsertCursor so that these operations can (a) get done and (b) get done efficiently? I've been fumbling with lists of fields and tuples of things and am not making any progress. Have looked at help files and Penn State's online courses but still no joy.....


import arcpy, os

treesfile = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0)
codes = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(1).split(",")   # user types in comma-delimited wildlife codes for the AOI
arcpy.env.workspace = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(2)
sr = arcpy.SpatialReference(4326)

arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True

Filtered_Trees = arcpy.CreateFeatureclass_management(arcpy.env.workspace, "Filtered_Trees", "POINT", "", "DISABLED", "DISABLED", sr)
arcpy.AddField_management(Filtered_Trees, "Lat", "DOUBLE", "", "", "", "", "NULLABLE", "NON_REQUIRED", "")
arcpy.AddField_management(Filtered_Trees, "Long", "DOUBLE", "", "", "", "", "NULLABLE", "NON_REQUIRED", "")
arcpy.AddField_management(Filtered_Trees, "Description", "TEXT", "", "", "", "", "NULLABLE", "NON_REQUIRED", "")
arcpy.AddField_management(Filtered_Trees, "Tree_Height", "LONG", "", "", "", "", "NULLABLE", "NON_REQUIRED", "")  # height value must be rounded and in Metres.
# there are many more fields but you get the idea

with open(treesfile, 'r') as file:
  for line in file:
    values = line.split("\t")
    if values[2] in codes and float(values[9]) >= 100: 
      # now I am stuck...