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Is there a way to automate the 'Add new to Relationship' to create a new related record in ArcPro using python?  Thanks. - Tom

Question asked by tmakibbin on Apr 1, 2019
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We are moving from a flat table structure where the inspection were part of the feature class to a new structure using a related table to record the inspections details. I copied the point locations into our new dataset containing the new point feature class and the relationship class and I preserved the global IDs so I can do a join to transfer the inspection data. 


I can't find a way to copy or append the data into the related table where it will allow me to put the parent globalID into the related table's foreign key's GUID field. The only way it lets me create the related record is to manually create the relationship by selecting the feature and then right-clicking and using the  'Add new to relationship' option.  Then I can do the join and transfer the inspection data to the correct fields.  The problem is that I have thousands of records!!!  There must be an easier way!!!  Please help... regards - Tom