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Survey123 Export Report Photos not showing

Question asked by sean.lavallee on Mar 27, 2019
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 I am working on reporting functionality using survey123 custom report templates. It works great with the exception to the photos. But, only surveys entered in survey123 will add photos to the report. Anything edited in collector, updated feature service, or old surveys will not print up. I was reading about a issue with old surveys and the metadata for survey123 will not read the old metadata when exporting to reports. I noticed that if you print your data from survey123 it will print all the photos regardless of time frame of when surveys were submitted or if they were updated in collector or ArcMap. If they can read and print photos to a document, why can't they export the photos from the table to the form? Will this functionality be added soon?


It would be great to have this functionality seamless since ArcPro reporting function does not allow photos and ArcMap Desktop is being phased out and hard to work with. 

Printed from Survey123 - This report exported not have photos, but print will.

Same exported Report