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Updating Data Source in ArcGIS PRO project with arcpy

Question asked by agelfert on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by agelfert

Trying to update data source for layers in ArcGIS Pro maps programmatically. So, I must be misunderstanding the syntax for doing that explained here. Because the following does not work:

import arcpy

aprx ='path to my project file')

#This gets me list of all the maps
maplist = aprx.listMaps()

#If I only want those belonging to MyGroup
mygroup = aprx.listMaps('MyGroup')[0]

#To get the layers in that group
grouplayers = mygroup.listLayers()

new_sdeConn = r'path to my SDE connection file'

for lyr in grouplayers:
    old = lyr.connectionProperties     #also tried lyr.connectionProperties['connection_info']
    lyr.updateConnectionProperties(old, new_sdeConn)


This doesn't throw an error. it just doesn't do update the data sources as desired. The ESRI example goes like:



Does this maybe only work for the project as a whole?