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Custom geoid in d2m?

Question asked by pal.herman.sund@geodata.no_Geodata on Mar 20, 2019
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Total d2m newbie here, and have just got same data related to a supportcase (Norwegian distributor).


My client has GCP's which are surveyed by professional RTK and corrected for the (quasi)geoid which is the basis for the national height system (NN2000). Horisontal reference is EPSG:2583x (x = 2 or 3).


From one EXIF I can see lat/longs ( and an AltitudeRef= SeaLevel and an altitude in meters.


So far so good, but what to do with vertical settings in d2m:

  • the geoids available, none are the correct for my case. Can I make a custom geoid? (I have a textfile with the datapoints for the geoidmodel for NN2000)
  • my initial idea was to drop geoid settings and just set a constant height. The geoid undulation is probably non-existing in his small projects (constant is probably good enough. Would that still provide good results?
  • Is the altitude of the frames a problem when there are GCP's at all? would believe the GCP's would tie the model to ground and not at some "random" height given by the EXIF's


Might even be some of you are willing to share some experiences



Pål Herman