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How can I calculate area when I have multiple equations for many feature types?

Question asked by kaitlynabr on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by j.moore-esristaff

Hi All,


I have another formula to create, but I am new to Survey123 and am not sure how to get what I need on the survey.  The project I am working on is sign inventory and the question I am having trouble with is with the area of each sign (200 different sign types).  I will have the width and height of each of the sign, but the signs, being all different shapes, have different area formulas. 


These are all the different formulas:

(Width * Height)/144 (The majority of the signs have this equation)

(SQUARE(Height/12)) * .76

((1 + (SQRT(2))) * 2) * (SQUARE((Width / 12)/2.4))

(Height * Height /333)

(Width * Width * .0052083)


(Width * Height)/182.5

(Height * Height * .0042918)


I have this for an equation (${SignWidth}*(${SignHeight})div144) for the majority of the signs, but the more advanced equations I am clueless on.  If you know how to write out some of these, that would be very helpful.  I am not even sure which survey column I should be writing these in either (calculation, relevent, etc.?)


I think I am in need of a very intense, nested if statement, but maybe it needs to be broken up in some way. I've included what my data looks like for reference.  Please help!