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Raster Interpolation Pixel based Pop-Up configuration in ArcGIS Online

Question asked by rvg296 on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2019 by rvg296

I am attempting to make a raster IDW based heat layer from a point feature layer based on weight.

The point feature layer that I have looks like this. 


This feature layer has a field named "Total Score" based on which I perform IDW interpolation and generate a raster heat layer which looks like this. The resampling technique that I used here to display raster is Bilinear Interpolation.


Now I published this layer to my AGOL account as a Hosted Tile Layer.

I would like to configure a popup for this layer which shows the attributes of the point feature layer which we have used earlier for which I have followed the procedure of "Enable Popups" and selected the point feature layer.


Now I can see that the popups only for some raster pixels where the earlier points were located like this



But if I click anywhere in between the grid points (marked in black above), no attributes show up since it isn't configured as popups. It simply shows "No Information Available"


So my question here "If I am only using the heat layer, what can I do in order to make a pop-up appear which will take the nearest point popup to display if we click anywhere inside the grid or square (not exactly on the points, but when I click anywhere in a pixel or square it should look for nearest point for which popups are already configured in the pixel/ square and display it)