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Can't create if statement in required field?

Question asked by eric.knopf on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by dougbrowning

Hi - new to Survey123.  I looked through the previous questions and found an answer to what I want to do (create a conditional required question; see this similar question Making question conditionally required in Survey123 form? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange ), but it seems my Survey123 Connect version (3.3.51) doesn't allow if statement in the required field? If I try to input anything other than <blank> or 'yes' from the drop down, I get an error saying "This value doesn't match the data validation restrictions defined for this cell".  In the above link, the version being used is an early version, so I would have assumed I would be able to do this?  Lost.  Anyone know what I can do?




It looks like there are a few things going on.  I couldn't write if statements simply because there was a data validation rule in place in Excel.  I deleted the rule and can now create if statements in the required field.  Unfortunately, this only puts an asterisk next to the question to indicate it is required, but doesn't actually require any input (when testing in connect and in the field app).  I also put an if statement in the relevant field as suggested below and put "yes" in the required field.  Again, marks the question as required, but doesn't actually require any input.  :-|  
It must be something I'm doing wrong.


**EDIT 2:** 


It doesn't seem to work when the conditional required question is a 'select_one' or 'select_multiple'.  It works fine with 'integer'.  Haven't tested others.  That's unfortunate if this is the case.  Hopefully someone else can confirm or has a solution.