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How can I select based on a shapefile intersecting with certain tiles (within a shapefile)

Question asked by Agnes.Kowalczyk on Mar 1, 2019

Hi all,


This should be a simple problem. I am looking to select based on location a shapefile that was made to help fix a dem. 


I was thinking turning the polygon to line, then creating points at the edges, then buffering and erasing that from the lines. This should have given me a series of lines from which I could select the tiles from. This would require a bit of editing but in comparison to the work I would have to do otherwise (manual selection), it beats it. 


However. Points are not generated at the ends of the shapefile and besides it is not a seamless solution as it would still require manual editing. 


Does anyone in the community have suggestions? 


Ideally, if I could split it, then remove the unedited line that would leave me with the edited line, that would be fantastic!





I am wanting to select all tiles intersecting with the edited line

Blue - Side of the tiles I wish to select. This is merely representative. The list of tiles, that I wish to get, lie within all the edited side. 

red  - shapefile

purple - list of tiles. 




This is the shapefile I wish to edit as a whole.


green - shape of the shapefile. 


Many thanks and kind regards,