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Hiding fields in web service published via ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by martinsirko on Mar 3, 2019



I am starting to use ArcGIS Pro for publishing a services to ArcGIS Server. I am publishing to Portal. The data I am publishing are stored in DBMS and published as referenced (not hosted on the hosting server).


I have prepared my map in ArcGIS Pro and hid the fields which I do not want to make available in the service. However, after publishing all the fields are accessible in the service. I have never experienced this in ArcMAP.


The ESRI representative for our country suggested to use CREATE DATABASE VIEW tool. However, I doubt that this is a solution.


I guess there are many of you publishing services via ArcGIS Pro and hiding some of the fields. Is this working for you, or are you using a "create database view" tool to hide fields?


The version of ArcGIS Pro I am using is 2.3.0 and I am publishing to Portal 10.6.1.


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