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Can CHEF be used for a mutli-server, Enterprise base deployment?

Question asked by LanceCole Champion on Feb 23, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2019 by wbott70

We are getting ready to move our Enterprise test environment to production and at the time we set up the test environment you could not use CHEF to deploy to multi-servers for the base instalation.  Many current ESRI videos reference the ability to do this but I can only find examples for a single server, base deployment with add-on additional GIS servers.  Has anyone performed a mutli-server deployment using CHEF for the base deployment?


Our deployment will be along the lines of the following on our Intranet:

IIS-01 - IIS, Web Adapters and Portal

GIS-01 - ArcGIS Server

GIS-02 - 2nd ArcGIS Server

GIS-03 - Image Server

GDS-01 - Data Store

GFS-01 - File Server

SQL-01 - Enterprise Geodatabase