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Using network datasets to produce web maps with directions and routing...

Question asked by CALyons on Feb 21, 2019

Hello everyone,


I've been slowly developing a prototype for an atlas application that can be used to provide the ability to search for various features, get directions along road networks and other features (that I'm still exploring options for). Until recently, I had been using the Web AppBuilder in conjunction with ArcGIS Online as a portal. It had been exactly what I was looking for until I hit a significant snag: from what I've read and experienced, apparently ArcGIS Online doesn't support network datasets for routing purposes (my source for this is here: Adding Network Dataset to AGOL ).


Unfortunately, this is something that I need in order to keep the road network consistent between all levels of our system (from the dispatchers to the dispatched).


The immediate solution I could find (from the answer in the link above) involves the jump to using ArcGIS Enterprise (and having the data stored on a server elsewhere), but that opens a new set of possible issues involving the nature of our system's firewall and security protocols (I'm not 100% clear on the details here since I'm still rather new to the position at this point, sorry).


I was just curious if anybody here had a similar project and if you had any advice, a direction to look towards, any workarounds to circumvent the issue regarding ArcGIS Online and network datasets, or confirmation that Enterprise (and it's related products) is the way to go.


Thanks for your time,