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Filter (view) on related tables

Question asked by n.ueberschaeresri-rw-esridist Employee on Feb 21, 2019

Related to my question Showing different views in web map depending on named user I am working now on the  workaround.

I have a feature service with related tables. In the feature service are different sites that I can filter and save as a view but it would not filter the related tables. Now I filtered the tables in the web map but when I share the view of my table with the user that should only be able to see his site's data he can open the layer in the back end of AGOL and can still access the full tables. What can I do? I also tried with a query on the table before publishing but it is still uploading the full table. My (totally not satisfying solution) for now is to save the seperate sites with their related tables in extra feature services. This is not really a sustainable solution especially when the data will be updated sooner or later...


Besides, is there somehow a way to share only the final application with someone without giving them access to the sub products (feature service, web map,...) ? Ideally I would like to share only the final story map with the user that has the apps limited to his site. But as soon as he can see the base url of the story map he would also be able to login to the content page etc. 


I am happy to hear what ever ideas you have to solve this...