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How to get attributes of a featurelayer to show in custom datagrid

Question asked by TomGeo on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by William.H.Pollock@FloridaDEP.gov_FDEP

I am working on an add-in where I provide the user with a combobox, to select one of the featurelayers available in the toc.

On change of the index of the combobox I want to read all attributes (columns and rows) of the specific featurelayer to be shown in a datagrid. Sure enough, in the end I do not want to show all columns of the attribute table but want to specify two or three columns.


It is basically like the attribute table, only that I want to have it within my own ui and show only pre-defined columns.

I looked through the api and the ProSnippets, but didn't find an example to do so. I do not have any selected features to show the attributes from, but need the attributes of all features.


Anybody who can point me the right direction?


Cheers Thomas