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Survey 123 send stuck on Getting service information

Question asked by AaronAE on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by data.officer

I am encountering a problem where my survey gets stuck when trying to send with the spinning wheel and "Getting Service information" then the name of the 2nd of 2 related tables.


Based on other threads for similar issues, I've rebuilt the entire geodatabase, and overwritten the feature service, I've updated and republished the survey, but this continues to happen. I can't get any surveys to upload.


I had this working fine previously, but I had to update the feature service and ended up making a whole new survey based on the old one but referencing the new FS.


Is there any way to troubleshoot what is going on? I'm running v3.2.265 on ios. The feature service is hosted on AGOL, and has 2 related tables which are populated by the Survey. The hang appears to be on the second of the 2. The 2nd table is referenced in a repeat in the form, but it doesn't matter if I add data to that part of the form or not.


I'm able to create features and rows in the related tables in ArcGIS Pro with no issues. Since I've already rebuilt everything, I'm not sure how else to figure it out.