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Unable to update web layer in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by on Feb 12, 2019
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Hello.  I am working with Esri's My Elected Representatives solution in ArcGIS Pro.  I added the ElectoralDistricts feature service to the map project and updated some of the field values. I have two other feature classes added to the project also.  In the past, the Share As Web Layer and Overwrite Web Layer options were visible in the (right click) TOC menu option to Share, but now they are greyed out.  The same behavior is occurring for the two additional feature classes which are sourced from the Pro project's filegeodatabase.  I saw one post regarding spaces in the layer names possibly being a cause.  I renamed one layer (removed a space) in the feature service, but the change did not resolve the issue.  Further, I have everything shared Publicly, and now I am getting a credential prompt whenever I try to view the application from an external environment.  I suppose I could start over and create a new Pro project, pull in the ElectoralDistricts and copy over the two feature classes into the new project filegeodatabase, etc., but I am hoping to hear a better solution from the GeoNet community.  Thanks in advance!