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Custom URL for Survey123 App - Forcing update of form

Question asked by drhartel_agol on Feb 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by drhartel_agol

I have the custom URL method to start Survey123 (field) App (currently testing on Windows desktop) and that works fine for both anonymous use of AGOL sign in.

However, if I use this once, and then update the form (Id remains the same) the App pen with the older version.

If I delete the older version form Survey123 App and then invoke the custom URL, it will load the updated form.

I have created a view of the hosted feature layer for use in the form - its settings include Share - Everyone (so anonymous users can participate), and the form is Shared - Everyone

Is there a way to force (when opening the App from a custom URL implementation - I have it on a Windows shortcut) to make it load a new copy and overwrite the form used the previous time?


A second question is whether there is a pulldata() function property to indicate whether the form was access thru a browsers (vs the App)?