Prevent IdentifyTask from rounding values?

Discussion created by strahanje on Feb 23, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2011 by hzhu

I'm running an IdentifyTask on the following layer:

When I get the results back from the identify, I find that all of the fields that are esriFieldTypeSingle return rounded values.  For example, if a value is .4023 in the attribute table, the IdentifyTask returns 0.   If I run a QueryTask on the same layer, the values are not rounded.  The fields that are type esriFieldTypeDouble are not rounded in the IdentifyTask results, so it seems the issue is with the field type.

I've asked the people who generated the parcel layer to make sure that all fields are set to type esriFieldTypeDouble.  They've responded that the table is generated from a number of different sources (including several joins to dbf tables) and that ArcGIS seems to be choosing type single for them when they do the joins.

Can anyone suggest how to resolve this?  Is there a way to prevent the IdentifyTask from rounding the values?