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Survey works in app, errors in web initializing form

Question asked by Wayne.Dodgens@ch2m.com_CH2MHILL on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by LILIANA_JURADO


I have a survey that pulls data from a CSV file stored in the media folder. Survey works great in Connect and the windows Survey123 app.  However, when launching the survey in the browser it fails with the following error.


Error: Initializing form...

  • FormLogicError: instance "AllterraRates" does not exist in model


Thanks for any help troubleshooting the issue.  We want to exclusively use the survey in the web browser if possible.


I'm using

Connect version 3.2.196

Survey123 on window version 3.3.26

Chrome version 72.0.3626.96

Published to AGOL, currently shared with an internal group


Thanks in advance,